Adventure Activities

Mount Abu with its beautiful landscapes, lakes, waterfalls, sunset & sunrise points and lush green forests provides an excellent opportunity for nature lovers to appreciate mother nature in close. Mount Abu has more then 17 Nature Trails and pathways suitable for adventurous activities approved by the department of forest passing through the jungle. Some trails can also be used for horse safari if you prefer not to trek on foot. While trekking in, one can enjoy rock climbing, rappelling , wildlife & bird watching and study flora of Mount Abu with tribal and lok Rajput culture as well. Mount Abu is traversed with many wildlife observing paths/view points such as Trevor’s Tank, Salgaon Watch Tower, Cragis point, Devangan Valley, Tiger Path, Kodra Dam, Gaumukh, Kulagrah Valley, Gabir Nalla and Sayabera, Achalgarh, etc . to name a few popular ones. Mount Abu's beauty is hidden inside Jungles and Mountains not known by general tourist and not covered in any sight-seeing tour, you can enjoy a once in a lifetime experience by visiting these places in your Adventure tourism trip. We know the secret trail that leads to the fountain of youth, if that’s not convincing enough! follow us on a journey through the mystical & magical place we live in. Our team, have discovered the formula of hospitality, navigation and natural conservation through travels in our homeland. Do join us on the recently introduced Mountain Biking attraction for a life-long memorable, exciting and thrill-filled experience which you must love to share with your friends.


A camping excursion in Mount Abu can take you far away from your busy life. In between large boulders and lush green fields, you would set a camp to watch the stars at night and eat the tasty vegetarian fire cooked meal on the bonfire made from the withered woods and leaves. Aravalli Mountains are very different from the Himalayas in the north or the Nilgiris in the south and you will experience that while camping and trekking in Mount Abu. Be... time to visit: Overnight camps during the summer season is a better option than monsoon and winters. Location: Most of the trekking trails are found in the Mt Abu Wildlife Sanctuary and the night can be spent in tents. There are also several adventure parks which offer unique camping experience. Activities: Other activities are repelling, rock climbing, zorbing, flying fox etc. Cost: For a night camping experience, one can be charged between INR 500 to 2000


Here is one fun activity in Mount Abu which is hard to miss. If you are visiting Nakki Lake, make sure that you enjoy the serene experience of Boating at Nakki Lake. You can opt for a pedalo or gondola which is like a shikara. For the couples, this boat ride is especially romantic since the boat passes by the beautiful scenery around. Remember for security reasons boat rides in Nakki Lake are done only during a favourable weather. Go for it and c...

...ome back with lifetime pleasant memories.


Hiking & Trekking is the name of a leading tour and trade enterprise located in Mount Abu. We at Hiking & Trekking are engaged in offering various services to nature lovers and to those who love to travel and explore natural beauty. Our range of services includes natural wildlife, tourist attractions, fauna and flora of Mt Abu, and beautiful vistas of Mt Abu. ......



Aravallis is one of the most ancient mountain belts in the world and trekking on some of the breathtaking routes of this mountain belt is one of a kind experience, which you must have. It is one of the best things to do in Mount Abu while you are travelling to this only hill station in the west. The trails can be tough or easy but the view and the journey would be worth a detour in Mount Abu. Best time to visit: October to March Cost: Th...

...e estimated price can range between INR 500 to 1200 for a day hike including a meal. Location: Most of the trekking trails are found in the Mt Abu Wildlife Sanctuary. Type of treks: Easy to medium, there are hardly any tough treks in Mount Abu, most of them are a day hike.

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

This Sanctuary covers about 290 sq. km of the hilly forest of Aravali mountains. The large variety of flora and fauna is mystifying and besides the extreme religious significance and reverence, Mount Abu can be a spot to encounter the wild. It is a paradise for wildlife photography enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and bird watchers. Besides being a summer getaway and a sacred pilgrimage site, Mount Abu holds the highest Peak of the Aravalli range...

...s and that makes it an ideal place to spot the most exquisite animals. It is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna and is a paradise for animal and bird watchers. Presence of (last recorded in 1872) and Tiger (last reported in 1970) is a history now, but leopards are still abundant here. Other animals found here are sloth bear, sambhar, jungle cat, small Indian civet, wolf, hyena, jackal, Indian fox, common langur, wild boar, pangolin, common mongoose, Indian hare, porcupine, and hedgehog. There are among 250 species of birds which are found here including the rare grey jungle fowl. Open Hours: All days of the week: 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM Duration of the visit: 1-2 hours